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Inbreath and outbreath are the waves

on the sea of life.

Fully experiencing both

allows us to grow.


The breath is a gift of life. We could live without food or water for a while. But if we stopped breathing, we would not survive more than a few minutes.

How we breathe depends on several different factors, such as our posture, our thoughts and feelings, the quality of the air, etc.

Breathing is not just a physiological function to take in oxygen. The rhythm of our breath is an expression of how we live. The movement of the breath runs through our entire body, and it is something we can learn to experience more closely. Rediscovering, balancing and fully experiencing this breath movement, without any intention of changing it, is the goal of the Middendorf Breath Experience method.

Breath seminars

The seminars consist of mindfulness and movement exercises to help you experience your body, your breath and your own mental and emotional state through stretching and loosening, strengthening, relaxation, the inner turning to the breath in stillness and movement, and breath meditation.

Being aware of our breath, while keeping it natural and free, leaves us with a sense of vitality and joy and helps us master our lives feeling centred and calm. This can have a beneficial effect on respiratory problems or other health-related issues. It also reduces stress and inner unrest and promotes positive behaviour. Being aware of and feeling connected with our own breath starts a process of transformation that goes far beyond the merely physical.

Individual breathwork sessions  

In addition to the seminar, you also have the possibility of a one-on-one session conducted lying down. The breath therapist acts as a facilitator to help you experience the breath, balancing the breath through stretching and establishing a dialogue between your breath and the hands of the practitioner to allow you to recognize certain breath patterns and finally rediscover your own breath rhythm. A follow-up talk helps you to share and understand the experience.

Breathing sessions:

Online, 60 minutes: 60,- 

In person: 55 minutes: 80,-

Training for various professionals

including breath therapists, yoga teachers, MBSR instructors, actors, speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc. on a variety of different topics:

  • Fully understanding the breath process: physiological, psychological and mental aspects of the human breath
  • Introduction to the Middendorf Breath Experience method
  • Stress reduction through breath-work


Lectures on the significance of the human breath

Mindful of the breath

Being mindful in all of life’s moments is the key to inner peace, insight and physical harmony. Mindful breathing is a core exercise of mindfulness that can alter the way we look at the world while also bringing us in touch with ourselves. Being mindful of the breath does not require doing anything special with the breath. It is enough to just become aware of our breathing and to always bring our mindfulness back to the breath. Wandering thoughts are not to be seen as a hindrance, but as the object of the practice; the point of the exercise is simply to observe, to mindfully watch the thoughts come and go.

Mindfulness becomes meditation, letting clarity and stability arise in the mind. The practice allows us to gain insight into our own mind and to develop compassion for all living beings.


Why wait!

Try it out right now. Sit straight (on the floor with your legs crossed, or on a chair) and take a few minutes to observe your breath. Accept it as it is. It is your breath, it nourishes and supports you and does not need to be changed in any way. At some other time, you may control the breath or use it for a body exercise, but in this moment of stillness simply try to experience the breath for a few minutes just as it is. It is your connection to the universe, to other people, to yourself. The breath is a gift that you receive over and over again without having to do anything for it.

Be aware of this gift in your daily life as often as you can or want: when you eat, when you wash the dishes, when walking or driving your car, when you laugh or cry. Perhaps something will change in your life...

This was a brief introduction to mindfulness of the breath.

Audiofile « meditating the breath »

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