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Animal communication



Animals are independent beings with feelings, needs and individual characters. They communicate with each other and with us humans in an intuitive, non-verbal way. Animals convey messages through images, moods, smells, gestures, etc. It is possible to receive and understand these intuitively as a human being. It is also possible to convey messages to animals in this way. It is not a matter of educating them, but of understanding what moves them and what they would need in order to live in harmony with us.


 After working for many years as a translator for humans, I began to understand animal language and now also translate for animals. I mediate between humans and animals and can support both in their coexistence. The one-year professional training with Christine Beckmann helped me to strengthen my intuition and learn from a direct disciple of Penelope Smith. The group context cleared up my communications. I was certified by Christine.


I offer animal communication sessions. All I need is a photo with some details about the animal. Please contact me by mail.

You will receive an animal communication written by an author, therapist and translator about the situation of your animal.

Written record, with up to 15 minutes of phone call : 60,-

Live communication by zoom, with the possibility to ask questions and record the communication (30 to 40 minutes): 65,-

Further communication with the same subject, if this is up to 4 weeks after the first communication: 50,-


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