Astrid Schünemann

Breathing therapist,
meditation teacher,
translator, author



1987 - 1989 full-time training as a breath therapist at the Ilse Middendorf Institute

1989  diploma from the German breathwork association AFA

1998 - 2001 traditional Tibetan Buddhist three-year retreat at Kundreul Ling monastery in France

2010 - 2014 participation in annual Bodhi Path teacher training with H.E. Shamar Rinpoche

Continuous training in song, dance and other forms of bodywork

Studies of Buddhist philosophy




1989 - 1997 breath therapy in a practice in Heidelberg, seminars

Since 1989 author and publisher of books on the breath

Since 1990 interpreter for Buddhist teachers

Authorized Dharma instructor for the Bodhi Path and Dhagpo Kagyu organization, seminars throughout Europe

Member of the breathwork association BVA

Professional instructor for breathing teachers and yoga teachers in Austria

Already at an early age, I felt a yearning for stillness and sought it in nature. I began writing stories and poems and reading books about spirituality when I was still a child. Back in my school days, I learned yoga and relaxation exercises and gradually began to live a mindful and aware life. Communication in the broadest sense was always important to me.

My encounter with the teachings of the Buddha in 1984 had a lasting impression on me and deeply enriched my life. Meditation and breathwork are the methods that have accompanied me ever since and which I gladly share with others in seminars, lectures and books.

It is a pleasure for me to pass on this great wealth of experience and knowledge.

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